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Our philosophy at LegalProofs is to provide a truly comprehensive work experience to empower those who want more freedom in their life and their career

Why We Love Transcribing?

Income, flexibility and an amazing community
Choose Your Hours

Working across US timezones

We know balancing all of your commitments is hard, so we make it easy and work around your schedule. Our projects are all based in the US so there is a timezone that fits your busy lifestyle.

Steady Paycheck

Weekly PayPal payments

We never miss a payment making sure you get all your hard earned cash every week. Importantly we put restrictions on how many people we hire to make sure there is enough work to keep you busy and give you financial stability.

A Unique Experience

Join a real community

Our secret ingredient is love! We value each and every one of our community members, treating them as real people. Spicing up your day with competitions, giveaways, merchandize and surrounding you with positivity.

Why Join Us

Support, advancement and an amazing team

Friendly and helpful remote working environment

Do transcription jobs from home, and enjoy the assistance of our fantastic support team that will help guide you along the way

Promotions within the company to help you grow your career

Grow your career and expertise at LegalProofs as you take on more and more advanced functions within the wider team

Unique approach with our community

Feel right at home with our vast team of passionate people who help each other build practical industry knowledge and proficiency

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Our Team Reviews

What our Operations Team says about working with us

Shannon T
(LegalProofs Operations)

I’ve done General and Legal Transcription and QA for LegalProofs and grown into an Operations position, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. These are my people!

Jessica W
(LegalProofs Operations)

LegalProofs rocks my world. The team is superb and working here has positively changed my perception about online work. Thank you LegalProofs!

Heather L
(LegalProofs Operations)

A place I can call home. I know, I’m working, but the grace given to not “get it” right away and wrapped up with love, support, friendship, and a safe place for personal growth are hard to find.

Let’s Work Together

We’re very eager to hear from you! Send us your application now and let’s grow your skills and build your fantastic new transcription career with us at LegalProofs!