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Applying With LegalProofs

LegalProofs is looking for team members who:

  • Have excellent transcribing skills,
  • Maintain a 97 to 98 percent word accuracy,
  • Are able to follow multiple style guides, and
  • Can meet strict deadlines.

Join our team by completing the application and exam process.  You'll first be asked for your information, questions about any possible legal transcription experience, and have the opportunity to upload your resume.  In addition, there will be an exam consisting of 40 questions, one 5-minute editing task, and one 5-minute transcription task.

Before you begin:

  • Only ONE submission is allowed per applicant.
  • As transcription is involved, please do NOT attempt to complete by phone.
  • For US Residents, please note that we are not hiring contractors from the states of California and Massachusetts.
  • We do hire globally, but all transcription is in English.
  • Understanding legal jargon is a plus, but is not required.
  • We prefer that candidates have use of Microsoft Word; however, some alternatives such as LibreOffice, are acceptable.

* means answer is required

It is not a requirement that you be located in the United States; however, we do occasionally have clients that request transcribers who reside in the US.
Have you applied to us previously and failed?
Are you a resident of California or Massachusetts?
Do you reside within the US?