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Proven benefits of remote work

What is remote work?

Remote workers are independent contractors who earn money online, working from home on task-based opportunities or as full- or part-time workers. Those who work on task-based opportunities decide for themselves when they want to work and for how long.

Job security has long been a fundamental reason for seeking traditional, full-time jobs, but times have changed, making job security less certain. Economic recessions are known to trigger widespread layoffs throughout many industries. With the pandemic, those in traditional, full-time jobs have begun worrying whether their jobs are secure over the long term. According to a recent report from ILO, the pandemic lockdowns left 114 million people without jobs in 2020..

Realizing traditional employment may offer a false sense of security, people are looking towards the benefits of remote working careers.

Proven benefits of remote work

Planning a career can be a challenge, with many people spending countless hours researching career trends. According to a report from the Boston Consulting Group, since the pandemic, 89% of employees expect to work from home at least part of the time. What makes online work such a preferred choice? Keep reading to find out!

Better work-life balance

The ability to determine your own work hours and enjoy more quality time with family makes a huge impact on work-life balance. Without the confining walls of the traditional office, remote workers can be more productive and have more time to focus on their personal, physical, and mental well-being while generating income!

Improved productivity

We’ve all searched endlessly for solutions to simple problems, unable to come up with any ideas. Then, the moment you’re in a more relaxed setting, it finally comes to you. According to a FlexJobs survey of 5,500 professionals, 66% of respondents agree their productivity improved when they were away from the office, indicating that free from the stressors of an office, we’re able to think more creatively and be more productive.

Enhanced health

The health risks of sitting for extended periods are well-established. Experts recommend movement – whether standing, stretching, or walking – at least 5 minutes for every 20 to 25 minutes of sitting to avoid serious consequences. This can be difficult to do in a conventional office setting. Working from home allows you more freedom of movement. You can even work in yoga pants!

Reduced stress

According to a survey by Mental Health America, 75% of respondents agree that remote work helps them reduce stress. Imagine. No more being stuck in traffic or dealing with public transport! The stress of commuting, inflexible schedules, confining work environments, and more makes employees dislike their work. However, 87 percent of remote workers state they LOVE their job.

More opportunities to learn

As more people work online, there has been an upward trend in education. Remote workers are eager to learn and develop new skills to compete with global talent. Having the flexibility to set their own pace makes them more proactive and productive.

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